EHA Board

The Board of the EHA comprises a mixture of elected and appointed directors who provide a range of skills, knowledge and experience.  Its members operate under a Code of Conduct which sets out the behaviours and activities to which the directors are expected to adhere.  The Board meets six times a year for formal meetings and directors also provide regular support, advice and guidance to the executive team, led by the CEO.

The role of the Board covers six main areas:

Decision Taking -  to take balanced and objective decisions based on reports and recommendations provided by the executive team and sub Committees/Development Groups;

Strategy & Policy Setting – to set a strategy for the future of the EHA’s business as the National Governing Body for Handball in England;

Operational Oversight & Risk Management – to ensure that strategies, plans and policies are approved in a timely fashion and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible;

Management of Resources – to ensure that the EHA has, or can obtain, the necessary resources to further the interests of the members of England Handball;

Financial & Business Oversight – to operate, as a limited company, with high standards of financial efficiency and probity to enable the EHA to sustain growth for the benefit of its members and the sport as a whole; and

Training & Development – to ensure that new Board Members receive a full, formal and tailored induction on joining the Board and regularly update and refresh their skills and knowledge.

Current Board members are as follows:

  • Tracy Watkinson – Chair (Elected)
  • Chad Ehlertsen 
  • Marc Fayemi
  • Clare Henderson
  • Ed Simpson
  • Chris J Smith 
  • Sue Whitehead

All Board meetings are attended by the England Handball CEO who fulfils the role of Company Secretary for England Handball. Copies of the Board Code of Conduct and Terms of reference are available below, with the meeting minutes available here.

EHA Board Information

You can download the following by clicking on the links below:

EHA Board Terms of Reference

EHA Board Code of Conduct