Disciplinary Sanctions and Procedures

The Competitions and Disciplinary Committee (CDC) is an independent body chaired by Chloe Fordham.  

The committee’s function is to rule on any cases where the EHA rules have been broken.  This can include:

  • Referee's reports citing players/officials for infringements during competition.  
  • Infringements by clubs
  • Infringements by a club's officials
  • Infringements by a club's supporters. 

To view the Disciplinary Procedures 2017/18 document please click here 

2017-18 Sanctions

Member Sanctions;

  • London GD II: Player infraction: One-match ban
  • Oxford University: Player received red card followed by blue card: Automatic one-match ban 

Club Sanctions;

  • London Angels: Missing an under-19 weekend - Fine £60
  • London Lions: Missing an under-16 weekend - Fine £65
  • Nottingham: Missing an under-16 weekend - Fine £100
  • Thames: Missing an under-16 weekend - Fine £100
  • University of Bath: Cancelling Men's Regional League South West game - 10-0 defeat. Bond used to pay cost of court and referee costs. A further bond shall be paid prior to the team's next match. The team is suspended until that bond is paid.
  • Deva: Fielding an ineligible player against Liverpool - Fine £100. Player banned for five matches. 10-0 win awarded to Liverpool
  • Medway Dragons: Withdrawing from National Cup fixture against Brighton - Payment of two hours of hall costs and any referee expenses that were required to be paid. Payment to be made through the bond system and new bond to be paid by the club.