England Handball 2017/18 Schools competition information


England Handball Schools Competition format 

England Handball Schools Competition rules

England Handball – National Schools Competition Timeline
LEVEL 1 Intra-school competition  LEVEL 2 Local competition  LEVEL 3 County competition  REGIONAL Inter-county competition NATIONAL FINAL Finals Weekend 

School-led intra-school fixtures, friendlies and preparation, where demand permits. 

SGO-led local competition, where demand permits.  

CSP-led county competition (Winter School Games Festival).  

There will be eight England Handball-led Regional competitions in each age category.

Each county will be guaranteed one place in their respective Regional competition at each age/gender category.

One winning team from each region in each category will progress to the eight-team National Final. 

One qualifier from each of the eight regional competitions in each age/gender category.  

Dates of Competition: 

September to November

Dates of Competition: 

November  to February

Dates of Competition: 



April to May

Dates of Competition weekend in June

  • Saturday: under-15
  • Sunday: under-13