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Cambridge Men's Premier Handball League

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11NovSaturday, 15:30 vs London GD
Leyton Score Centre
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Cambridge -

Francisco Torres

Age: 24 | 

Cambridge -

Dario Zanghirati

Age: 17 | 

Cambridge -

Nicolas Martin

Age: 30 | 

Cambridge -

Fernando Gicci Hernandes

Age: 34 | 

Cambridge - Left back

Francisco Seco

Francisco has been a member of the club since 2009, but due to injury had to take more than a season off since 2014. He has returned to Cambridge in 2016 in full force.

Cambridge - Left winger

Thomas Bittar

Thomas joined Cambridge at the start of the 2016/17 campaign.

Cambridge - Goalkeeper

Graham Jack

Age: 32 | 

Graham joined in 2012 after discovering handball during the Olympics London 2012. Starting on the field first, he moved to the goal in 2013 and was an ever-present in Super-8 in 2015/16.

Cambridge - Left winger

Kevin Guy

Age: 32 |  Height: 1.89m |  Weight: 77KG

Kevin started Handball after discovering it during the London 2012 Olympics, and is now a regular in both the regional development league team and the Super-8 team.

Cambridge - Line Player

Alejandro Garcia Costa

Age: 31 | 

Alejandro is prolific infront of goal for Cambridge, going past a century of goals in 2014/15, and finding the back of the net 86 times in 2015/16.

Cambridge - Left winger

Tobias Barber

Age: 32 | 

Tobias has played for Cambridge since 2014 and has turned out for the regional development and Super-8 teams.

Cambridge - Centre

Jose Ballester Beltran

Age: 29 | 

Jose impressed in the 2015/16 Super-8 this season, notching 50 goals.

Cambridge - Goalkeeper

Rickie Bailey

Age: 28 | 

Cambridge - Right winger

Pedro Albuquerque

Age: 33 | 

Pedro arrived at Cambridge in 2014. He played just six Super-8 matches in 2015/16 after feraturing 10 times in the previous season, when he scored 39 goals.

Cambridge - Left winger

Florian Stroehl

Age: 27 | 

Florian impressed in his first season at Cambridge in 2015/16 when he scored 84 goals.

Cambridge - Line Player

Jean-Daniel Malcor

Age: 32 |  Height: 1.83m |  Weight: 90KG

Jean-Daniel has been at Cambridge since 2014 and plays in both the Super-8 and regional development league teams.

Cambridge - Right back

Zsolt Majoros

Age: 32 | 

Zsolt joined Cambridge in 2014

Cambridge - Goalkeeper

Pierre Larraufie

Age: 29 | 

Pierre ahas been at Cambridge since 2015.

Cambridge - Line Player

Levente Kovacs

Age: 32 | 

Levente has been pretty much a regular in the team since joining the club in 2014 and has scored over 50 goals for the club.