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West London Eagles Women's Super 8/Super 7

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West London Eagles -

Marika Cena

Age: 29 | 

West London Eagles -

Emilija Leonaviciute

Age: 24 | 

West London Eagles -

Elisabeth Heyerdahl-Larsen

Age: 34 | 

West London Eagles - Centre

Erika Recska

Height: 1.67m | 

Erika started playing at the age of 13 in Hungary. She played for her hometown team in second division and was part of the team that won the regional secondnd league and moved to the first division. She then moved to Budapest and played for TFSE for five years. After finishing her studies she moved to the UK and started playing for West London Eagles in 2007.

West London Eagles - Left winger

Dorina Tituleasa

Height: 1.61m |  Weight: 53KG

Dorina played for junior team for Clubul Sportiv Scolar Nr.2 in Romania from 2000-2009. From 2013-2014 sheI played for ACS Unirea Dobroesti . She joined West London Eagles after moving to England in 2014.

West London Eagles - Line Player

Laila Jensen

Height: 1.78m |  Weight: 72KG

Laila started playing handball in Denmark at the age of 11. When she turned 18 she played in the second division for a year, and then a number of years in the first division. She moved to London in 2011, at which time she started playing for West London Eagles.

West London Eagles - Left winger

Krystyna Littman

Height: 1.65m |  Weight: 76KG

Krystyna started playing handball at the age of seven when she joined DHC Slavia Prague in the Czech Republic. She stayed with the club for 12 years and enjoyed playing as a playmaker and left wing.She was captain of the team for for five years and played for the junior national team. She moved to the UK in 2001 and joined West London Eagles in 2004.

West London Eagles - Centre

Klaudia Maria Las

Height: 1.64m |  Weight: 56KG

Klaudiatarted playing in 2013, getting into handball via the London Youth Games. After playing in the Under-16 and Under-18 leagues she started playing for the senior team in 2016.

West London Eagles - Left back

Anne Holm Roppen

Height: 1.7m | 

Anne started playing handball aged 8 in her native Norway. She joined West London Eagles in 2014 after a three-year break from playing.

West London Eagles - Line Player

Maria Seri

Height: 1.63m |  Weight: 63KG

 Maria joined Ruislip Eagles in 2007. she previously played in Argentina from the age of 12 years old until the age of 29 years old, after which  she moved to England.

West London Eagles - Left back

Lucie Duluc

Age: 30 |  Height: 1.70m |  Weight: 65KG

Lucie started playing handlball at 13 years old for Saint Symphorien handball club in France. She played there for eight years, before a one year for Avrille handball club, also in France, after which she moved to London where she joined the Eagles.

West London Eagles - Right winger

Johanna Delsante

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.68m |  Weight: 62KG

Johanna started playing handball in France when she was 10 years old. She played in Italy for one year for PBC Bologna and she has been playing and West London Eagles in September 2015.

West London Eagles - Left winger

Margherita Ciano

Age: 32 |  Height: 1.70m |  Weight: 61KG

Margherita took up handball at secondary school when she was 13. Her team was classified as second best Italian secondary school team. She played under-16 and under-21 Italian regional league level, while from 15 to 17 years old  she played in the Italian serie A2 League with Polisportiva Flumeri, and captained her college. Polisportiva Flumeri were promoted to Serie A in 2003. At the same time Margherita played for the south-Italy representative team and was elected to join the Italian national team. She stopped playing handball 10 years until she joined the Imperial Eagles handball club in London in 2013/2014. After another break of a year she joined the Eagles in the 2015/16 season.

West London Eagles - Centre

Anais Cartalade

Age: 27 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 61KG

Anais played handball at school in France. She joined Olympia after moving to London, before switching to the Eagles.

West London Eagles - Right back

May-Hilde Akselsen

Age: 28 |  Height: 1.72m |  Weight: 68KG

May-Hilde played for Asker Håndballklubb from the age of 6-10 years old. She started playing for West London Eagles in November 2011.

West London Eagles - Line Player

Lisa Lembke

Age: 23 |  Height: 1.62m | 

Lisa was born into a handball playing family. Her grandmother and mother both played and coached. She started playing at the age of 10. in Hamburg up until she moved to the UK to study in Cornwall. After moving to London in 2015 she started training with the Eagles. 

West London Eagles - Left winger

Catherine Payant

Age: 27 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 65KG

Although she grew up in Germany Catherine didn't start playing handball for a team until she came to England where she turned out for her university, UCL. After a few years in the UCL team she joined West London Eagles.

West London Eagles - Coach

Kerstin Papenfuss

Age: 35 |  Height: 1.79m |  Weight: 74KG

Kerstin started playing handball since the age of five. She enjoyed a spell in the third Division in Germany for professional Club Bad Schwartau. Joined the Eagles in 2008 and has now become coach after a string of serious injuries.

West London Eagles - Centre

Sunniva Ovstebo Naess

Age: 25 |  Height: 1.74m |  Weight: 67KG

Sunniva joined Eagles in 2016 after three years at Olympia. In her native Norway she played for Stord in the 2. league from the ages 15 to 19.

West London Eagles - Left winger

Patricia Minck

Age: 32 |  Height: 1.75m |  Weight: 68KG

Patricia began playing handball at school in Brazil. She moved to Corinthians in 1999. She moved to England in 2004 but didn't begin playing handball agains until she joined Eagles in 2012.

West London Eagles - Goalkeeper

Anette Utby

Age: 28 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 60KG

Anette played for Asker Håndballklubb from 1996 till 2006. She joined West London Eagles in 2015.  

West London Eagles - Goalkeeper

Olgunn Tunheim

Age: 40 |  Height: 1.75m | 

 Olgunn joined West London Eagles in 2010. She previously played for ABIL (Aker Sykehus Bedriftidrettslag) in Oslo, Norway from 1997-99. 

West London Eagles - Right back

Anna Thornhill

Age: 38 |  Height: 1.65m |  Weight: 65KG

Anna played junior handball in her native Poland. Her team AKS Gdynia were runners up in the Polish Handball Championships in 1994 and 1995, and were promoted to the Polish II league in 1996. She played university handball at Gdansk from 2000-2003 and has been at West London Eagles since 2005.