Governance, Strategy and Impact

 This page contains relevant information on governance structure, strategy and impact.  

It is designed to enable members and stakeholders to better understand:

  • who is involved in the governance of the organisation
  • England Handball’s aims and objectives for the future 
  • England Handball work to this point.  

It is also part of England Handball’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the Code for Sports Governance.  

England Handball is committed to meeting the diversity targets set out in the Code and has amended its Equal Opportunities Policy and Articles of Association to reflect this commitment.  

England Handball has adopted, as part of its Memorandum and Articles of Association, a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on its board and currently exceeds this target. In addition, the board is committed to achieving gender parity and greater diversity within its members including, but not limited to, Black, Asian, other minority ethnic groups and people with disabilities. To support this work, the board is in the process of developing a Diversity Action Plan which will be published on this page once agreed.

If you would like to discuss any area of England Handball’s governance, strategy and impact please contact feedback@englandhandball.com 

England Handball Board

Rosie Williams: Chair

Amanda Bennett: Non-executive Director

Amanda Bennett

Stephen Coy: Non-excutive Director

Stephen Coy

Diaraye Diallo: Non-executive Director

Chad Ehlertsen: Non-executive Director

Chad Elhertsen

Marc Fayemi: Non-executive Director

Marc Fayemi

Jean-Christophe Lacour: Non-executive Director

Paul Shapiro: Non-executive Director

Paul Shapiro

Chris Smith: Non-executive Director

Heather Williams: Non-executive Director

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england handball staff structure

Management Team reports

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Club meeting notes

Spring 2018

England Handball Board and Staff structure

To view the England Handball Board and Staff Structure please click here

England Handball strategy 2017-21

To view the England Handball Strategy 2017-21 please click here

Annual Review

To view the England Handball 2019/20 Annual Review please click here 


To view minutes from the 2020 AGM please click here

England handball memorandum and articles

To view the England Handball Memorandum and Articles please click here

England Handball Policies

Capability Policy

Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics and Behaviour

Customer Charter

Customer Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary and Grievance Policy

Internet Email Computer Security Policy

Protecting Business Interests Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Social Media Policy Young Athletes

Social Media Policy

Anti-Doping Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Purchase Order Process

Risk Management Strategy

Financial Procedures and Controls Manual

Junior Player Recruitment Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Recruitment Policy

Sustainability Policy

Delegation of Authority (non-financial)

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policy