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England Handball’s club support programme

Do you want your handball club to be successful, sustainable, safe and a fun place to be at the centre of your community?

Handball clubs are a key delivery partner for England Handball. It is within our affiliated clubs where almost all of community handball is played. Clubs are where we signpost young people who have discovered handball for the first time and want to engage regularly, they are where we go for support in delivering local school competitions or community events and they are often the place that new adults get their first impression of handball in England. Therefore, England Handball believes that we have a duty to support the club network to become more sustainable, safer, better structured and governed and therefore more successful. 

Pro Active Clubs is a club support mechanism from England Handball. The Partnerships team at England Handball are committed to supporting the club network to be visible and connected within their community, appropriately managed and governed, welcoming and financially sustainable with high standards of welfare, coaching and equity to enable them to maintain and grow their core market of regular handball players and be successful.

The Partnerships team will work with you to ensure your club:

  • Has an appropriate activity/playing programme; including ideas on how to improve and increase the membership of your club
  • Is a safe place for young people to engage regularly with handball where their welfare is paramount
  • Engages regularly with its members and is at the centre of its community
  • Is well structured, governed and managed

Those clubs that commit to starting their Pro Active Clubs journey will be eligible to apply for England Handball’s Pro Active Clubs funding and those clubs that complete the journey will be presented with a Pro Active Clubs banner and certificate to display and will be entitled to a 10% discount on affiliation costs for the following season.

For more information on the Pro Active Clubs funding please click here

If you would like support with any element of developing your club from ideas on engaging better with education and community partners, linking with other clubs, sharing good practice to developing relationships with facility providers and everything in between please get in touch with your Regional Partnership Manager:

North: Andy Clark andy.clark@englandhandball.com

Midlands: Ricardo Vasconcelos ricardo.vasconcelos@englandhandball.com

South East: Luke Hornsley luke.hornsley@englandhandball.com

South West: Jenny Hannis jenny.hannis@englandhandball.com


Safeguarding and Equality: Please click here to access resources and information on safeguarding and equity, or click the link to the right of this page.