What is Disclosure and Barring System (DBS)?

DBS was introduced in 2012 and brought about three key changes from the old system that vetted individuals who have contact with children and adults at risk. 

  • New definition of Regulated Activity: This affects who is eligible for a DBS check and which level of check they require.
  • The introduction of Single Disclosures: Only the applicant receives a copy of their DBS Certificate.
  • The introduction of the DBS Update service: This service keeps a subscribed individual’s DBS Certificate up to date - allowing instant online checks and enabling portability (when certain criteria is met).

For more guidance on DBS please click here  This guidance covers:

  • Eligibility to request a DBS
  • New definition of ‘regulated activity’
  • Barred Lists
  • Filtering
  • Requirement to include the relevant ‘Workforce’
  • Single disclosure being sent to individuals only
  • Update Service

To check who requires a DBS and a barred list check take a look at this flowchart. (add link).

How to apply for a DBS certificate

To request a DBS check for a coach or staff member please complete this form. 

For further information please refer to www.gov.uk/dbs