Coaching Education


Our Level 1 Award in Coaching Handball is the perfect course for anyone looking to kickstart their coaching journey.

Re-launched for 2021, this new and improved course will teach you the key skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to become a great handball coach. 

Brought to you by England Handball in partnership with UK Coaching, by the end of this course you will be able to effectively prepare, plan, deliver and review coaching sessions. You’ll also walk away as a qualified Level 1 handball coach!  

We believe a great coach has the ability to change the world one player at a time, so read on below to see how you can start your coaching journey with us today.

  • Who is it for? Those looking to assist in club coaching sessions or begin their coaching journey.
  • Course duration: Our new level-1 award offers a blended learning experience with the training divided into two key parts:
    • How to Coach: Three E-Learning modules in partnership with UK Coaching’s 'Get into Coaching: Assistant Coach', which part of the Coaching Hero series.
    • What to Coach: One-day, practical, face-to-face delivery of the handball specific content by experienced England Handball tutors.  
  • Course cost: £120 per person for England Handball members.
  • Pre-requisites: Learners must be 14 years old or over.

To book a place please click here   

Closed Bookings

The England Handball  Level 1 award in can also be organised as a closed course for a school, college or university which is looking to develop the coaching skills of some of its students age 14 and over.

The cost of this closed course is £1999 for up to 21 participants. The organiser provides the venue, but all the above requirements remain the same.

To book a closed course, please contact our coach admin at: coachingadmin@englandhandball.com 

Elements of the Journey

New: COaching level 2 award

This is our new Coaching Level 2 Award! Our goal is to promote a fit for purpose, multi-contextual, and realistic award that supports leaners on the pathway to become the best coaches they can be. 

Who is it for? 

Those looking to lead in club coaching sessions and continue their coaching journey.

Learner eligibility

Be at least 18 years of age & hold a level 1 handball coach award Have access to a laptop/tablet, good Wi-Fi and microphone to participate in virtual classroom sessions.

Any special learning requirements must be made clear at the registration process. 

Course duration: 

The course is delivered through a blended learning approach, consisting of:

UK Coaching Subscription

Virtual classroom sessions (dates and subjects below).

Progressive coaching sessions in a club environment

Face to Face Practical Day Practical assessment

Course Fees: 

EHA Members: £295

Non-Members: £355

Upcoming courses 

Virtual sessions will take place using Zoom, on the following dates/times:


Saturday 17th (4 to 8 pm): The Coaching Process

Friday 23rd (6 to 8pm) and Saturday 24th (5 to 8pm): Phases of the Game & Individual Tec-Tac


Saturday 8th (4 to 8pm): Sports Science

Saturday 15th (6 to 8pm): Sports Science


Saturday 5th (6 to 8pm): The Coaching Process

Friday 11th (6 to 8 pm) and Saturday 12th (4 to 8 pm): Group Tactics

Practical sessions: Saturday 25th November, 10-4pm

Assessment: To be Completed until the end of January

Book here or register your interest by emailing coachingadmin@englandhandball.com

*price for non UKCC-accredited version. Fees (& add-ons) for UKCC-accredited version to be added when available. Non-accredited version can be topped up to become accredited at later date.


To achieve the England Handball level 2 award, learners are required to attend all virtual classroom sessions along with the practical day and have assessed evidence of:

1.  Completing written and online tasks

2.  Planning, delivering and evaluating a minimum of 4 linked and progressive coaching sessions away from the course (each session lasting a minimum of 45 minutes in duration)

3. Planning, delivering and evaluating a 45 minute coaching session in the club environment – to be recorded and sent to the tutor/assessor.

Video evidence: The recording must ensure that the learner is clearly audible (preferably with microphone, but voice recordings to be sent alongside the video evidence are also accepted), and the learner and participants must be visible.

Poor quality video with intermittent sound is unlikely to be sufficient for the assessor to reach a full assessment decision.