Coaching Education

Our Level 1 Award in Coaching Handball is the perfect course for anyone looking to kickstart their coaching journey.

Re-launched for 2021, this new and improved course will teach you the key skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to become a great handball coach. 

Brought to you by England Handball in partnership with UK Coaching, by the end of this course you will be able to effectively prepare, plan, deliver and review coaching sessions. You’ll also walk away as a qualified Level 1 handball coach!  

We believe a great coach has the ability to change the world one player at a time, so read on below to see how you can start your coaching journey with us today.

  • Who is it for? Those looking to assist in club coaching sessions or begin their coaching journey.
  • Course duration: Our new level-1 award offers a blended learning experience with the training divided into two key parts:
    • How to Coach: Three E-Learning modules in partnership with UK Coaching’s 'Get into Coaching: Assistant Coach', which part of the Coaching Hero series.
    • What to Coach: One-day, practical, face-to-face delivery of the handball specific content by experienced England Handball tutors.  
  • Course cost: £120 per person for England Handball members.
  • Pre-requisites: Learners must be 14 years old or over.

To book a place please click here   

Closed Bookings

The England Handball  Level 1 award in can also be organised as a closed course for a school, college or university which is looking to develop the coaching skills of some of its students age 14 and over.

The cost of this closed course is £1999 for up to 21 participants. The organiser provides the venue, but all the above requirements remain the same.

To book a closed course, please contact our coach admin at: coachingadmin@englandhandball.com 

Elements of the Journey

1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in coaching Handball

  • Who is it for? Those looking to become club coaches
  • Course duration: Four days
  • Course cost: £295
  • Minimum Numbers per course: 14
  • Maximum numbers per course: 16
  • Pre-requisites 
    • Completion of the England Handball Level 1 Award/Certificate in Coaching Handball ­  
    • Completion of England Handball Introduction to Teaching Handball course ­  
    • Completion of Street Games Handball Activator Award ­  
    • Completion of England Handball Teachers Award KS2 or KS4 Module ­  
    • Completion of Advanced Handball Teaching Award or England Handball Level 2
    • Learners must have access to a handball club coaching environment
    • Learners must be 17 years old or over

Additional Information


England Handball use E-certificates so please check your email Inbox after the course. The processing time may take up to 3 three weeks. Level 2 certificates will be sent to you by 1st4sport so we do not have control of the timeline for receiving them.


The course resources are online. If you want to print these resources off before the course, please do.

Booking form

If you would like to book a course please download the Booking Form. If you have any more questions or queries please contact the office by phone 01925 246482 or email coachingadmin@englandhandball.com 

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