England Handball Pro-Active Clubs

 Pro Active clubs funding  

Guidance – Summer 2017  

Pro Active clubs is an accreditation programme to recognise and reward our clubs that are appropriately structured, well governed and community focussed.

England Handball is keen to support Handball Clubs to be stronger, better governed, more attractive and more sustainable to enable them to maintain and grow their core market of regular handball players.

Those clubs that currently meet the minimum criteria detailed in the programme - and are committed to achieving Pro Active clubs status by meeting all the criteria - are encouraged to apply for this grant funding to support their club activities. 

Why has Pro-Active Clubs been developed?  

England Handball’s vision is for Everyone to have the opportunity to’ be part of the excitement’ of Handball.

This will be achieved by enabling as many people as possible to:       

  • Discover handball in any format
  • Engage actively and regularly in the sport  
  • Achieve their potential through handball  

England Handball has identified key audiences which include:

  • Young people
  • Women and girls
  • People returning to a more active lifestyle
  • Regular handball participants  

England Handball acknowledges that we will not achieve our objectives alone and recognise that our partners are often better placed to deliver. Clubs are key partners for England Handball.  

What is Pro-Active Clubs Funding?  

Pro-Active Clubs funding has been developed to support England Handball recognised Pro-Active Clubs to:

  • Engage with their local communities
  • Facilitate more people to discover handball
  • Achieve their potential    

Through this funded activity it is hoped that the clubs will gain new members, improving their sustainability and structure, in turn benefitting our core market of handball players.    

Who should apply?  

Handball clubs that:

  • Are affiliated to England Handball (full or emerging)  


  • Have achieved the minimum England Handball Pro Active Club criteria (see below   highlighted in yellow)  


  • Are committed to achieving England Handball’s full Pro Active Club status by the end of the project

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