2017/18 Season information


Team Registration

Registration Dates for:

  • Premier Handball league 
  • National Handball League North and South
  • Regional Handball Leagues
  • Under-19 National youth championship
  • Under-16 League

Open -  Monday 25 June 2018.

Closes -  Tuesday 31 July 2018.   

Registration Dates for:       

University Championships. 

Open - Monday 3 September 2018.

Closes - Monday 15 October 2018 


  • All registrations are processed through the England Handball Azolve registration system
  • All payments are made online through this England Handball Azolve system
  • If your team does not have an Azolve registration log in, please contact Angela.Deakin@englandhandball.com

NB: By team registration we mean registration of the team for the league, and not players. Re player registration information please see below.

Registration fees

  • Adult Leagues: £280
  • Under-19 Leagues: £180
  • Under-16 Leagues: £100
  • Under-14 Leagues:  £60
  • Tournament fees will increase by £5


Player registrations will need to be completed two weeks before a team’s first match. Failure to upload player details on the Azolve system, will mean we cannot guarantee all teams will be have their players approved for their fixture.

Please note that when you add an individual player under-16s are classed as juniors and over 16s are classed as seniors.

League Formats

Mens' Premier Handball League

There are no unexpected changes to the Mens’ Premier Handball League. Brighton HC have been promoted from the National South League replacing relegated Liverpool HC. 

Womens’ Premier Handball League

The Women's Premier Handball league will continue with eight teams competing for the national title. Coventry Sharks have been removed from the competition due to not meeting Fit For Purpose Criteria being on the grounds of being unable to field a youth team this past season, and no ability to enter one for the coming 2018-19 season. This sees them automatically relegated. Cambridge who finished in the relegation position were offered the option to remain in the Premier Handball League. However, they requested to return to the regional leagues.   Reading Lionesses as the winners of the National play-off and Loughborough University, as the losing play-off finalist, have been promoted to the Premier Handball League.

National League

Chelsea HC have been invited to accept the available position left in the National League South by Brighton HC’s promotion to the Premier Handball League. The National League South will continue for the 2018-19 season in a home and away format with six teams competing.

The National League North has been reduced to four teams with Deva, Newcastle and Leeds Beckett withdrawing from the National League North. The remaining teams will play a best of three series for the 2018-19 season.

Youth Leagues

The under-19, under-16, and under-14 formats will predominately follow a 2 x 20min game format for the 2018-19 season. This is to create more realistic handball matches for youth teams and also ease the time restrictions encountered when running short-game tournament formats on a single day.  

Under-16 League

The under-16 league will look to mirror the under-19 league format with teams competing in a tiered level competition. However, this can only be confirmed once the final entrants are known. This will be monitored as the travel commitments for both the under-19 and under-16 competition are considered and England Handball looks for a way of reducing the amount of travel and costs. This can include playing fixtures independently away from allocated weekends upon agreement with the relevant League Coordinators.  

Under-14 League

The under-14 league will start in September. Its exact format will be confirmed after a review of last year’s competition. 

South East Leagues 

After a consultation period, the Regional South East Leagues for Men and Women will be split by region - in effect a North and South London split where applicable. The final geographic split will be decided upon following the close of team entry.  

Venues and Facilities

The England Handball approved venue register has been updated with venues which have come to light during the 2017-18 season. Grade A venues are now approved for 34m by 20m courts after last season’s league-specific survey.

Azolve System update

The Azolve system will be updated for the 2018-19 season. The updates include player registration changes and team sign-ups. This will be demonstrated at the club conference for all members and information sent out accordingly. This will allow for all teams to be updated on the modified interface and user pathway.

International Transfer Certificates

It is a requirement for all foreign national players, regardless of age, previous playing experience, or league, to have International Transfer Certificates.  

British Nationals returning from abroad to play in England will also require an ITC.  

The EHF and IHF will instigate penalties/sanctions against England Handball if these regulations are not enforced.  

To view the appropriate articles from the IHF please click here

International Transfers - Guidance notes from England Handball. 

“International Transfer” and “International Clearance” are the same thing.

There are three categories of player who require an international transfer: 

  • Contract players
  • Non-contract (i.e. amateur) players who have played in the 24 months before the date on which a transfer is requested
  • Players who have not played in the 24 months before the date on which a transfer is requested

All clubs that have players in need of a valid ITC, must obtain one and register the player with England Handball before their first match in the England Handball league.

This applies to all overseas players regardless of:

  • When they last played or their age
  • Whether they only played for a university
  • If they ever played in another country

This rule also applies to :

  • Any player who has, after being born in another country, become a British Citizen and is not in possession of an ITC
  • British Citizens who played in any country other than the UK

Different fees apply to contracted and non-contracted players, the fees listed are guidance and depend on final EHF approval. 


A transfer fee for a contracted player of €1,500 to the EHF plus Home Federation is payable if the transfer takes place:

  • During his/her contract
  • At any time until 12 months after his/her contract has expired.


A transfer fee for a non-contracted player is of €138 to the EHF and Home Federation is payable if the transfer takes place:

  • Any time up until 24 months after he/she played his/her last match with the releasing club

No fee

If the transfer take place 24 months after the player last played, then the fee can be waived. 


Students competing solely in university competition, will not require an ITC. If a student wishes to compete in registered England Handball club competition then they will require an ITC.  In some cases students are able to transfer for no charge.

In order to transfer for free, a non-contracted student players needs to provide their ITR as well as:

  • A letter from both their home and exchange universities (if participating in an exchange programme)
  • A letter from their English university (if coming to England for the whole duration of their studies) confirming their student status.
  • A photocopy of his or her student ID(s).

At the end of their studies, such players can transfer back to the original country without paying a fee, as long as they were non-contracted players in England. A new ITC will be required when transferring back to the original country.

Note in some cases the student may be subject to a transfer fee regardless of information provided. This is at the discretion of the realising federation.

ITC process

Clubs requiring ITCs for their players must complete and submit an International Transfer Request form to the England Handball office.  England Handball can provide the appropriate forms where required.

  • Contact - (angela.deakin@englandhandball.com) for the appropriate information.
  • Complete ITR form and return to angela.deakin@englandhandball.com  
  • England Handball sends the ITR to the relevant National Federation. Do not contact the other federation. This will lead to a fine being imposed by the EHF.
  • The other National Federation must confirm the transfer and any appropriate information/fee/documents and send the relevant paperwork back to England Handball. A window of 15 days is allowed for the transfer
  • If there is a fee it must be paid to the EHF and respective Federation. Payment details will be provided.  
  • Once received, the completed ITC is forwarded to the club from the England Handball. In the case of no response from the realising National Federation the EHF or IHF will be contacted as appropriate to overrule and release the player. An ITC is still required.

If a player requires an ITC you they not be able to play without one.


To view the England Handball Association calendar please click here