Recreational Tournaments
(Rec-it Weekends!)

Rec-it Weekends 

There is a need to have a lower entry level Handball option for emerging teams who are not ready to commit to the Regional Leagues and formalised competition which involve:

  • Structred competition 
  • Fixed rules and regulations 
  • Registrations and approved memberships 

Therefore England Handball is introducing Rec-IT weekends 

These competitions are once a month open entry to any club in order to play a tournament, with a focus on development, quite literally turn up and play. The purpose of these competitions is to allow more regular lower level competition and help teams build over the course of a season in order to enter the regional leagues in the coming seasons. This is not about winning it's about playing, the medals are plastic well actually there are no medals..... 

England Handball will support clubs in hosting tournaments and logisitics in order to play and develop. 

  • NO registrations required
  • NO  ITCs
  • Players can be from any club or mixed 
  • Sign up for 1 tournament at a time 
  • Small fee to over hall hire 
  • Teams provide referees during the day or clubs can host
  • tournaments are generally 10:00 - 17:00 

To organise a Rec-it weekend in your Area please contact the following England Handball Staff: 

South East - Luke.hornsley@englandhandball.com 

Midlands - ricardo.vasconcelos@englandhandball.com

North West - andy.clark@englandhandball.com 

South West - Stacey.Andrews@englandhandball.com