29th October 2019

2020.21 League Updates

The league proposals for the 2020.21 season have entered their 2nd stage of development with feedback being received by a number of clubs across the country. After a consultation, a full written review has been created outlining the decision-making process and highlighting the key decision-making criteria for England Handball as the league structures move forward for implementation in 2020.21.

National Competition and Events Manager John Pearce had the following comments

“We have received a fair amount of feedback from across the leagues, as well as useful information from most recent Big Handball survey. This has guided some of our decision making during the review and given us food for thought in our assessments. The Premier Handball league previously the Super 8 has been in place now since 2012/13 and it is appropriate we look to address some of the issues at this time with not just the Premier Handball League but all the leagues across the playing spectrum of England Handball, as we as look towards some potential new opportunities.”  

The League updates can be found on the following link - Future League Proposals

Teams are welcome to submit written feedback to john.pearce@englandhandball.com or arrange a web meeting via contacting the same address to discuss the future proposals. The feedback window is open up to the end of January 2020.

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