18th September 2019

Are you ready for the season!

Check out some season reminders to make sure your club is ready to hit the ground running! 
Players are not permitted to wear solid frame glasses (metal or plastic) during matches. No player will be permitted to play wearing solid frame glasses at any age group. 
Sports googles/soft frame glasses and contact lenses will be the only forms of eye wear permitted. 
Team officials on the bench 
Team officials must be registered to be on a teams bench marked as Official A,B,C,D. 
A team official does not require  a coaching qualification however must be identified on the Azolve system and identifiable of the team registration roster presented prior to games. 
A club must have a qualified coach operating within the club, and ideally at fixtures. However team officials listed on the bench during a match do not require a coaching qualification i.e. Physio, Team Manager etc. 
Table officials 
Table officials must be qualified and have completed their level 1 table officials course. All table officials must identify themselves on the scoresheet with their registration number identifiable. 
Player Registrations
Teams must have their players registered 2 weeks prior to the start of their first fixture to ensure their registration is approved by the office.
New players/registrations must be completed by Wednesday 12:00 to allow them to be approved for a weekend fixture. 
League Coordinators/Contacts 

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