15th April 2020

Big Names Lined up for England Handball Online Coach CPD Sessions

Portugal National Team Head Coach Paulo Pereira, and Mattias Andersson - Germany and THW Kiel Goalkeeper Coach - are just two of the names lined up as speakers for online coach CPD sessions organised by England Handball. The organisation has brought together an extensive panel of speakers, from different backgrounds, nations and sports, to provide the CPD for handball coaches  in the demanding and unprecedented times we are living in.
The webinars will consist of a series of round tables and presentations, each with a certain focus. As well as  handball-specific themes, there will be sessions on more generic coaching trends and pedagogical approaches.
The sessions will be delivered using the software Zoom. They are free and open to everyone worldwide, although entries are limited on a first-come-first -served basis.
The full programme is listed below, as well as the link for the registration and the platforms to download the software. Codes to each meeting will be sent via email prior to the start of that session.
Links to download Zoom from the several platforms:

To register for the sessions please click here 

the Programme

Wednesday, 8th April 14.00-15.00
Round Table: Handball In Schools - Developing a Handball Curriculum.
Speakers: Colin McGill (PE Teacher at Aylesbury Grammar School), Liz Roberts (Poole Phoenix and England Handball Coach), Stan Belinski (Trafford Handball Club Head Coach)
Wednesday, 15th April 14 .00 -15.00
Tactical Considerations: Positional Attack - Executing the simple stuff well.
Speaker: Aksel Nørgaard (Skanderborg Håndbold - Coach Mentor & Mental Skills Coach)
Friday, 17th April 14 .00-15.00
Round Table: Engaging Junior Players - Best Practice.
Speakers: Mel Chowns (Performance Lifestyle Advisor for British Rowing, West London Eagles Handball Club), John Pearce (GB Men's 18's Head Coach), Rus Smith (FA - Coach Mentor, Lecturer at Wolverhampton University)
Wednesday, 22nd April 15.00 -16.00
Tactical Considerations: 3:2:1 Defensive System - a proposal.
Speaker: Scott Harrington (Head Coach and Youth Coach at Sola Handball - Norway)
Friday, 24th April 14.00 -15.00
Round Table: Gamification
Speakers: Russel Earnshaw (Magic Academy, Coaching Wizard), Matt Durber (England Handball Association, Performance Coach)
Wednesday, 29th April 14 .00-15.00
Round Table: Goalkeeping - Trends, Techniques and Practices.
Speakers: Mattias Andersson (Deutschland and THW Kiel's Goalkeeper Coach), Nikola Marinovic (Goalkeeper - Handball Grasshopper Club Zurich)
Friday, 1st May 15.00 -16.00
Tactical Considerations: 5:1 Defensive System - a proposal based on the spanish model.
Speaker: Danilo Gagliardi (Angola's Women National Team Assistant Coach, Youth Coach at 1o de Agosto)
Wednesday, 6th May 14.00-15.00
Round Table: Decision Making - using a constraints-based approach.
Speakers: Bobby White (England Handball Association Performance Manager), Anthony White (Goalkeeper Coach AFC Bournemouth), John Fletcher (Magic Academy, Coaching Wizard)
Friday, 8th May 15.00 -16.00
Tactical Considerations: 4:2 Defensive System - a proposal.
Speaker: Ricardo Vasconcelos (GB Men's Head Coach)
Wednesday, 13th May 15 .00-16.00
Youth Handball: New Pedagogical approaches in youth handball training.
Speakers: Pedro Sequeira (EHF Methods Commission)
Friday, 15th May 15 .00-16.00
Tactical Considerations: 6:0 Defensive System - a proposal.
Speaker: Paulo Pereira (Men's Portuguese National Team Head Coach)
Wednesday, 20th May 14 .00-15.00
Video Analysis - application on games and sessions.
Speakers: Mark Hawkins (IK Vag's Head Coach - Norway)
Friday, 22nd May 14 .00-15.00
Tactical Considerations: 3:3 Defensive System - a proposal.
Speaker: Bill Baillie (GB Women's 17's and 19's Head Coach)
Wednesday, 27th May 15 .00-16.00
Tactical Considerations: 7x6 play - a proposal based on FC Porto's model.
Speaker: Carlos Martingo (FC Porto's Assistant Coach and Portugal Men's 18's Head Coach)
Friday, 29th May 15 .00-16.00
Women's Handball - overview and analysis.
Speaker: Vera Lopes (Technical Director for Women's Handball on the Portuguese Handball Federation) 

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