24th September 2020

CEO Statement on 'Rule-of-Six' Implications

Message from England Handball CEO Mike Bain  

Dear Handball Community  

As you will know the Government’s ‘Rule-of-Six’ for indoor team sport comes into place from today. The fall-out for our sport unfortunately means that adult handball (18 and over) with six or more players cannot be played indoors. As it stands this includes match play and training. However, along with some other questions, we are seeking clarification as to whether training could take place in suitably spaced ‘bubbles’ of six.  

On a more positive note indoor handball activity can continue for under-18s at club level, and within the performance pathway. With that in mind we will seek use this time to work with clubs to further develop junior handball.  

We understand the disappointment you, as clubs, must be feeling. The last six months have been very challenging for all sports and particularly those that rely on indoor space and involve physical contact. Sports such as handball are hugely important to the social fabric of the nation and to have the opportunity to get back on the court taken away after such a long wait is beyond disappointing for everyone involved in the sport. The ‘Rule-of-Six’ for indoor sports comes at a time when a significant number of our handball clubs were returning to training, following the recent approval by the DCMS for competitive play to resume in October.  

England Handball, along with other governing bodies and leisure operators, will continue to push government to reconsider and to fully understand the social and economic impact of the ‘Rule-of-Six’ on indoor team sport. In fact, action has already taken place. As you may have read, more than a hundred sports pooled their collective voice to lobby parliament for increased funding for the sports sector to recover fully from the impact of the pandemic.  

Be assured, we will work through this difficult time together through online calls and regular communications. If you have any questions ahead of the online club call on Monday 28 September please send them to info@englandhandball.com 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Mike Bain England Handball CEO

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