19th April 2018

Club meetings fruitful

The recent spring club meetings were a fantastic opportunity to communicate updates to clubs, and to listen to, and understand issues the clubs face.

England Handball announced that updates were being made to the Azolve system to improve the process of checking player’s eligibility to play in matches. From next season clubs will be asked to upload headshots of players to produce ‘ID cards’. The ID cards will show which players can play in which teams, simplifying the checking procedure for referees.

The number of referees available for matches, especially in some regions, was an issue raised by clubs. England Handball acknowledges the need for a referee development programme to be implemented. This is something that is currently being discussed with the Referees' Group and will be developed over the summer. We have already committed to investigating the option for a mandatory referees course, ideally based around a tournament, at the start of the season for teams to attend. Each club would be expected to provide two attendees.

The WebEx format of the Spring meetings was well received. However, there is still a demand for face-to-face meetings. The future will see a mix of formats with a regional face-to-face meeting, with a WebEx option, and a round of solely WebEx meetings – which will also include a separate youth competitions meeting.

To view the notes from the meeting that show summary off all updates/issues raised please click here

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