22nd September 2017

Communication from the Chair

Dear membership

I had the first Board meeting in my role of Chair over the weekend, and wanted to share with you a brief summary of what was discussed and agreed. I will do this after every Board meeting as part of our commitment to increase communications. I also invite your feedback and thoughts via the email address feedback@englandhandball.com.

We discussed in depth the overall governance structure encompassing the Board, Committees and Advisory Groups, and agreed the component parts. A pictorial view of this is being created and will be circulated to you all within the next month. The detailed definition of this governance, i.e. terms of reference, operating model including roles and responsibilities etc. will be developed by the Audit & Governance Committee, with a target timeline of being completed by the end of the year.

There was a rich discussion of what has worked well and what could be improved, which resulted in several decisions made with a dominant theme of increased communications. A first example being this email post every Board meeting, communicating delivery progress, and aligning where possible Board meetings to events (location and timing) to meet with members and staff.

The approach and timing of Level-2 coaching courses was reviewed and a decision made to continue to deliver these as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting for the UKCC review of the course to complete.

We are very close to achieving the new Sport England code of governance requirements, with just 2 items left which are in plan to complete ahead of the deadline of end of October. This positions us well against other NGBs, in addition to reinforcing our strong relationship with Sport England.

The board also agreed to keep the bi-monthly conference call (in the month between board meetings), to keep the pace of progress and accountability.

Thank you Tracy

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