29th September 2017

England Handball Chair issues AGM statement

England Handball Chair Tracy Watkinson has made a statement regarding the election of the Non-Executive Director post at the AGM on the 2 September 2017. The statement has been made to respond to concerns raised by some members, and to ensure open communications to all.  

The statement reads:  

“Prior to the voting being cast, a member voiced a concern that there could be a conflict of interest for one of the candidates, and advised that Bill Baillie had been offered a paid role with England Handball as coach of the North-West Regional Academy.  

Board member Clare Henderson advised because there are no longer portfolio directors it would not be a definitive conflict, but suggested a pause in the proceedings for the Board to discuss.  

The Board discussed the matter and agreed that if any conflict did arise it could be handled via the conflicts of interest process, as would be the case for any other director. The Board made the decision to allow the vote to continue, and should Bill Baillie be elected further understanding of any such conflicts could be undertaken and a statement made if required.  

Clare Henderson reconvened the AGM and advised that the Board felt there could be conflict but would like the vote to go ahead. The vote was taken and Chad Ehlertson was elected.    

It should be noted that Bill Baillie discussed a potential conflict of interest with Board members prior to applying for both positions, and advised he would step down from the Board role if he got the England Handball coaching role.  

I am comfortable that the matter was handled appropriately by the Board, and that the election result stands. On behalf of the Board, I regret any unintentional upset caused for Bill Baillie from this matter.  

The matter of confidential information being shared is being investigated and will be dealt with appropriately by the Board and the CEO.”

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