8th February 2018

England Handball Club Audit

The England Handball Partnerships team has compiled its first club audit.

The information has been gathered through the first round of club engagement meetings. Every club within our priority regions was contacted by a Regional Partnership Manager between June 2017 and November 2017 to arrange a face-to-face meeting.  

The team met with 42 clubs from across the country. They discussed their challenges, aspirations and where they need support to sustain their core-market activity, and to grow their club activity. Data was also collected on facility usage and qualification levels in terms of child protection, first aid, coaching and officiating.  

The research has shown that there are 92 club officials with a child protection qualification. There are 104 people with a first aid certificate. 159 club members have a Level-1 or Level-2 England Handball coaching certificate - and 29 members have an officiating qualification. As we know, the demand for coaching qualifications is high with over 120 people wanting an England Handball coaching qualification.  

Many of the clubs mentioned aspirations to grow the number of players and teams especially at junior level. However, very few clubs have the capacity to deliver any community outreach programmes and this was, along with sourcing funding, and appropriately sized and priced venues, one of the biggest challenges clubs face.  

Conversations between clubs and the England Handball partnerships team will continue and future club-support projects will be developed based on the outcomes of this audit.  

There are, however, a small number of clubs that haven’t responded to repeated emails to arrange the engagement meetings. If your club hasn’t responded to contact from your Regional Partnership Manager, or has a project you need support with, please do get in touch with the relevant member of the team.

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