13th June 2018

England Handball Club Conference Programme

The programme for the England Handball Club Conference, which takes place on Sunday 24 June at Nottingham Trent University, has been released.  

In addition to the keynote session being delivered by Svend Elkjaer on how to get more people into your club, the conference will also see:

  • Scott Harrington deliver two practical workshops for coaches
  • Discussion sessions.  

Scott Harrington workshops

Scott worked at England Handball as National Performance Manager. He went on to spend time coaching the Faroe Islands Senior Women’s Team, taking them to phase two qualification for the European Championships. From there he worked as Assistant Coach to the Chinese Women’s Team. Scott is now at one of the top female clubs in Norway.  

Scott’s sessions at the club conference will focus on perception and assessment.  

Coaching session content  

In order to turn technique and tactics into useable handball ability, a players’ ability to perceive and assess the correct course of action at every given moment is a vital skill that must be trained.  

These perceptive skills are not a given trait for young players, and must be learnt through a mix of technical, tactical, and problem solving situations relative to the match.  

The sessions, which fit into the ‘individual tactical understanding’ department are designed to provide players with an opportunity to develop their ‘Handball brain’; the middle ground between technique and tactics.  

The concepts used will force players to better process and execute critical decisions, and perform more efficiently with and without the ball in their hand.  

Coaches in attendance are invited to be a part of the two related sessions. The court will be open and Scott will provide regular feedback throughout.  

Discussion session content  

Following feedback from the recent club satisfaction survey, the afternoon discussion sessions will cover the following four main topics:

  • Competitions
  • Refereeing & Officiating
  • Club Development
  • Communication with and from England Handball.  

Attendees at the conference will have a chance to cover all four topics. so that we can ensure we hear the views and ideas from as wide a range of members as possible.    

Clubs are encouraged to send as many representatives as they can to the club conference to benefit from the various sessions that will take place throughout the day, but please be aware that only two representatives from each club will be able to attend the AGM that follows the Club Conference.  

We would be grateful if clubs could let us know who will be attending the club conference and to make us aware of any special dietary requirements – via email to office@englandhandball.com – by Weds 20 June at the latest

To view the full programme please click here

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