2nd April 2020

England Handball Competitions Update

England Handball has sent a letter to clubs detailing a revised plan to try and complete the 2019-20 season competition programme.

England Handball will aim to begin activity on Saturday 6 June 2020, with the season being extended to Sunday 26 July. If the season cannot be re-instated by 6 June 2020, it will unfortunately have to be voided.  

This will mean:

  • No promotion or relegation
  • No League winners.  

League Fixtures

The majority of leagues have just one or two fixtures remaining to complete the season. In addition, there are promotion playoffs. If we are able to reconvene it is feasible to fit these fixtures in during June and July.  

Teams will be able to mutually agree on fixtures in this period. Provisional dates will be offered where teams should make themselves available to play. However, there will be flexibility during this period. Fixtures should be confirmed four weeks in advance.

Youth Playoffs

New dates for the National youth playoffs will be confirmed asap for June/July  

National Cup Fixtures

Games preceding the Quarter Finals should be prioritised for completion on 6/7 June 2020. Prospective dates for the Quarter/Semi-Finals and National Final are being reviewed. England Handball will provide an update on these dates as soon as possible.

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