13th March 2019

England Handball expresses BUCS news delight

England Handball has expressed its delight after receiving good news in its bid to become a BUCS recognised sport.

BUCS’ Innovative Sport Review saw handball asked to deliver a successful pilot of its proposal, with a view to initiating implementation for the 2020-21 season.

England Handball National Partnerships Manager Stacey Andrews said: “This is great news for handball. BUCS recognition is a key element of our strategy strand focusing on the education sector to grow handball.

“Concentrating on this sector helps create a new generation of players who enjoy playing the sport, as well as identifying talented players.

“There is still plenty of work to do but this announcement from BUCS is an important step for handball.”

England Handball National Competitions and Events Manager John Pearce said: “We have looked to improve our University competition year-on-year.

“To get BUCS recognition would be the icing on the cake for all the hard work of the last few years.

“We will not be resting on our laurels though and attention now turns to delivering a successful pilot.”

For more information on the BUCS’ Sport Review, visit the strategy section of the BUCS website

Handball has grown in popularity as a high-scoring, fast and exciting team sport that has attracted hundreds of new players since it was brought to Britain’s attention during the London 2012 Olympics.

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