20th January 2023

England Handball launches 2nd edition of new coaching course to help sport’s leaders progress

A new course has been launched by England Handball - aimed at helping our coaches become the best they can be. 

The new Coaching Level 2 Award is aimed at promoting a fit for purpose, multi-contextual, realistic award that fully supports learners along the coaching pathway. 

The course, set to start in February, is the second edition of the award launched in September last year.

But hurry - registrations close on February 5.

Ricardo Vasconcelos, National Coaching & Workforce Development Manager, said: “Handball is dependent on its coaches. Their role is of utmost importance – not only in attracting players both young and old into the sport, but also keeping those in the game engaged and motivated.  

“For our players and the sport to thrive, they must be allowed to reach their full potential, and that’s what the new Level 2 is all about.  

“It’s an inclusive, realistic award to support learners on the pathway to become the best coaches they can possibly be.”  

It will be delivered through a blended learning approach, consisting of a UK Coaching Subscription, virtual classroom sessions, progressive coaching sessions in a club environment, a face to face practical day and a practical assessment.

The fees for EHA members is £295, while for non-members, it is £355.

For more information and to sign up, click here.

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