13th February 2018

England Handball launches innovation campaign

England Handball has launched a campaign to harness ideas from inside and outside handball to grow the sport.

The campaign will look to build on the great work our clubs and partners are already doing to engage new people in handball. The handball community in England is full of pro-active people, often with experience and knowledge from other countries. We are keen to use this valuable knowledge of all in the sprt to support the growth of handball here.

We are also keen to hear from people outside of the handball community who may have ideas on how we can engage more people in the game. We know there are a vast array of innovators and entrepreneurs out there and we are keen to exploit and encourage this potential within handball.

England Handball will look to support and develop a number of ideas as part of the project and look forward to hearing from as many people as possible.

England Handball CEO David Meli said: “More and more people are playing handball and our research showed a particularly pronounced growth in the game in the last 12 months. However, despite this success we are always looking at different ways of growing the game further.

“That’s why we have launched this campaign as we know there are many people in the handball community, and from outside the sport, with innovative ideas, and we want to make sure we tap into this bank of knowledge.”

Can you grow the excitement of Handball in England? Get in contact with your ideas via feedback@englandhandball.com 

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