25th September 2016

England Handball looking for Competitons and Disciplinary Committee panel members

The Competitions and Disciplinary Committee (CDC) is an independent body chaired by John Murphy. It reports to the Membership and Disciplinary director, Geoff Woodall.  

The committee’s function is to rule on any cases where the EHA rules have been broken.  Often this consists of referees reports citing players/officials for infringements during competition.  However, it can also cover a wide range of other off court items including clubs, their officials or supporters.  

We are looking for people independent of any of the EHA clubs to join this panel of people who John may call upon as required.  We would be particularly interested to hear from people with a legal background or those who have been involved in similar roles for other organisations.  

It is estimated that these duties may take up to four to six hours a month on average. For more details please contact Geoff Woodall on geoff.woodall@englandhandball.com  

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