9th May 2018

England Handball Satisfaction Survey

As the season draws to a close we are asking our core customers to complete a satisfaction survey.

The survey will be used to gauge satisfaction and expectation levels. It will help us understand what we are doing well and what we can do better to ensure that we are providing the best, and most effective, service we can with the resources we have available.

Themes that emerge from the survey will be discussed at the Club Conference on 24 June 2018, when we can work collectively to identify solutions to issues. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 8 June 2018.

To complete the survey please click here

England Handball Chief Executive David Meli said: “We are always looking to develop and improve the services we provide to our customers.

“However, we know we don’t always get things right and it is important to understand where things could be changed to offer a better experience.

“Equally important is to know where you believe we are doing things well so that we can focus our efforts on maintaining those standards of delivery.

“I would encourage all clubs to complete the survey so that we have a broad spectrum of feedback and information that will benefit all members.”

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