1st March 2018

Extreme weather conditions fixture guidance

The last few days have seen extreme weather conditions. These conditions may impact on fixtures, and whether they go ahead.

Please see below guidance on what to do in such circumstances:

  • Keep an eye on weather conditions leading up to the date of the fixture.
  • Teams travel at their own risk and should follow the appropriate Met Office guidance
  • Keep in frequent communication with the opposing team and come to a mutual agreement regarding the fixture going ahead or not
  • Notify the relevant competitions coordinator immediately once a decision to postpone the game has been made by both teams. Where referees are being provided you may contact them directly where possible to advise of the decision. They will also be contacted the by competition manager and referees group.

Competition Co-ordinators

  • John.Pearce@englandhandball.com - Premier Handball League and National Leagues
  • Matt.Durber@englandhandball.com - Regional League Men
  • Liz.Roberts@englandhandball.com - Regional League Women

Please make it clear that your club is postponing the fixture due to adverse weather conditions.

Be aware evidence may be required for weather conditions and travel arrangements.

England Handball rules regarding postponement due to unforeseen circumstances

In the event of postponement Rule, 8.1.10 applies:  

10) In the event of a postponement due to unforeseen circumstances, teams shall:

  • Share 50% of all costs associated with the match.
  • Take all reasonable steps to avoid prepaid hall time going to waste (e.g. negotiate with the venue, offer the time to other sports hall users, arrange training matches).

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