31st January 2017

Girl's National Academy squad announced

The Girl’s National Academy squad has been announced following the recent Regional Academy tournament.

The squad is:

  • Grace Poole: East
  • Sonja Nashchekina: East
  • Lucy Fruin: East
  • Felicity Lawrence: East
  • Ava Mann: Midlands
  • Rebecca Argeitaki-White: Midlands
  • Jodi Bletcher: Midlands
  • Taisha Dawson: Midlands
  • Jaymie Kerr: Midlands
  • Alycia Ward: Midlands
  • Rebecca Tichford: Midlands
  • Jessie Holand: North West
  • Natalie Black: North West
  • Kate Heginbottom: North West
  • Madeline Spencer: North West
  • Abi Saverimutto: North West
  • Paige Victoria Schofield: North West
  • Jemma Brocklehurst: North West
  • Leonie Rainford: North West
  • Alice Beresford: South West
  • Alana Jones: South West
  • Alex Neilson: South West
  • Holly Fall: South West
  • Ellie Thompson: South West
  • Lauren Salt: South West
  • Ruby Ivory: South West
  • Beth Jones: South West
  • Bethany Gibb: South West
  • Danielle Till: South West
  • Hannah Arnold: South West
  • Adesuwa Edomwande: South East
  • Zoe Lacour: South East
  • Holly Thomson: South East
  • Aaliyah Durant: South East
  • Evelyn Blondell: South East  

Girl’s National Academy Head Coach Ilona Loewnau said: “I was overwhelmed by the amount of high-quality players I got to see on a day. The standard of handball skills and talent amongst the girls was fantastic. It is without a doubt, a testament to the high-quality coaching these girls received in their own clubs.  

“Now the National Academy squad has been selected, I'm looking forward to working with the athletes and their club coaches over the next few months. I am excited about the potential that this group holds. I feel there is a good depth of skill-full committed, and athletic young women who are eager to learn, develop and continue to inspire future generations to play our sport. I'm committed to produce great improvements for the athletes on an individual level.”

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