16th July 2019

International Transfers Update

The International Handball Federation Council has unanimously approved modifications to article 6 of the IHF Player Eligibility Code, and to article 11 & 12 of the IHF Regulations for Transfer Between Federations.

The modifications take effect immediately and the new rules can be downloaded from the International Handball Federation website at the links below.

Transfer fees outside of europe are now in Swiss Franc’s and equate to approximately £122 to the EHF/IHF and the releasing federation at current exchange rates.

Transfer fees are:


  • Amateur - 100/133 Euros to releasing Federation 133 and Euros to EHF 
  • Professional - 1331 Euros to releasing Federation and 1331 Euros to EHF


  • Amateur - 150 CHF to releasing Federation and 150 CHF to IHF
  • Professional - 1500 CHF to releasing Federation and 1500 CHF to IHF


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