2nd October 2020

Manchester Clubs Announce Partnership

Manchester Metropolitan University Handball Club (MMUHC), Trafford Handball Club (THC) and The University of Manchester Handball Club (UMHC) have agreed to commit to a partnership this coming season.

The aim is to help each other further develop handball in the Greater Manchester area.  

Founded in 2006, UMHC is one of Manchester’s oldest handball clubs (Second oldest if you were wondering). Past achievements include winning England Handball's men's senior league and representing England in the European Challenge Cup, all whilst performing exceptionally in the British Universities’ Handball Championship over the past decade.  

Over the last few years, THC has enjoyed an amazing track record developing youth Handball in the area culmi. This has culminated in a strong senior women team. The club is expanding rapidly and have acquired full rights to the George Carnell Sports Centre for the upcoming years.  

MMUHC has re-established their handball team within their Manchester campus and has gone from strength-to-strength since their restart last season. With a combination of talented players and an ambitious committee, there is great potential to build a strong cohort of handball players.  

Together, these clubs can build a strong foundation for handball development and provide a sustainable pathway for local players to access handball from an early age all the way up to university level. University students will also have opportunities to carry out volunteer and paid work, developing youth handball at clubs and schools in the area.  

Whilst each club has their own individual plans for this upcoming season, this partnership brings tremendous hope in these uncertain times.  

UMHC President Youn said: ‘This partnership has been a few months in the making and I'm excited to kickstart this three-way partnership…watch this space!’   

President of UMHC Yebila Collins commented: 'As handball starts to develop in England, I think these kinds of partnerships will be essential to the sports progression. We are very proud to have got this across the line with our partners UMHC and THC. Without a doubt, when COVID is not among us, we will see the real fruits of our collaborative work. 

Trafford Handball Chairman Stan Belinski said: 'Trafford Handball are excited to work with MMUHC and UMHC to develop a sustainable Handball pathway in Greater Manchester. Handball has always been strong in the North, and together we can build on that legacy to reach new heights.' 

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