10th September 2019

Mandatory Fit for Purpose Criteria

Since the introduction of mandatory Fit for Purpose criteria (FFP), the England Handball Partnerships team have been supporting clubs to reach higher standards both on and of the court. This has involved ensuring club structures and good practices are in place, to develop prospering and vibrant clubs which will endure the test of time. 

Part of this has been the checking and enforcing appropriate safeguarding is in place within clubs, including appropriate safeguarding training for coaches and Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officers.

A number of questions have been raised regarding the safeguarding courses and why they are being enforced. 
The following courses are required as part of the Mandatory Fit for Purpose criteria
  • UK Coaching: Safeguarding and Protecting Children (Club Coaches and Welfare officers) 
  • CPSU: Time to Listen Course - (Club Welfare officers)
Why do we accept these courses 

These are courses produced by the leading Governing Bodies in their field and are the national standard across sport. These are also the courses that England Handball staff take. A number of NGB's with larger resources actually run and produce their own individual safeguarding courses and training, however, we do not believe this to be necessary when other such courses are already in existence. 

We accept these courses as they are face to face training where participants can ask questions, receive excellent information/resources and we can be confident in the material being delivered directly to clubs. 
The courses are readily available and run by Active Partnerships (Formerly County Sports Partnerships) and should be readily available in your local area. 

Why don't we accept other ones

There are multiple different safeguarding courses ranging from face to face courses through to online presentations and catch up videos. These are so varied in quality and content that it is not practical or possible for England Handball to check each variant of course. 

These courses are specific to the sports industry and are applied directly in a sporting context, where club coaches and staff will be operating. Other courses do not offer this and like many courses, each is specific to its own individual area of expertise. 
Please note that all evidence of mandatory fit for purpose criteria should be uploaded onto your Azolve profile by the end of this month.
If you have any questions or comments on the safeguarding element please contact safeguarding@englandhandball.com

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