31st October 2017

Message from the Chair

The Board discussed a number of issues during a recent conference call.

This included the decision to review the timing and completeness of information requests to clubs; providing guidance on how to meet the requirements; and clarity on the follow ups from the club audits. This will be discussed further at the upcoming Club meetings.  

The Board also discussed the need to provide clear guidance for Regional Associations. This includes a sample constitution and details of the support England Handball will provide. A draft of this will also be shared at the club meetings for feedback. We will establish a timeline with the membership for commissioning the Regional Associations.  

The Audit & Governance Committee are meeting in the next two weeks to consider the pictorial view of the governance structure. This will be shared with clubs – and the details for each component fleshed out.  

We are still on track to achieve the new Sport England code of governance requirements. We expect to hear Sport England’s verdict regarding compliance by mid-December.  

The 18 November Board meeting will be held at Medway to tie into the London GD hosted European Cup game held on the same day. Attending the match demonstrates the Board actively meeting its objective to be closer to the membership.  

I encourage every club to attend the Club meetings next month. They give you the opportunity to share your feedback and be part of the discussion items to progress handball for all. A Board member will be attending each Club meeting.

Thank you to those of you who have provided feedback into the Board, and I encourage you to share ideas for improvement. Please use the email address feedback@englandhandball.com

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