30th July 2019

Sport England 'Clubmark' comes to an end


We have received notification from Sport England that the Clubmark scheme will be coming to end at the end of November 2019.

The scheme has brought about a significant improvement in standards across the community sports sector. There are elements of the existing scheme which, at its creation, were positioned as ‘best practice’ (safeguarding/duty of care and governance) which are now deemed to be essential aspects of any club’s operations.

In order to continue to promote club development, a new ‘Health Check’ tool on the Club Matters platform that will take clubs through stages of development; designed to support you depending on your size and need. This will be launched in December 2019. As well as this, Club Matters will continue to provide resources, tools and new content to keep you up to date.

For those that already have Clubmark, your accreditation will remain until it expires. It will continue to be acknowledged and a toolkit is being prepared to help you maintain the standards that Clubmark has promoted.  

For those that are interested in becoming accredited you need to express an interest via the Clubmark website by 2 August at the latest and be prepared to complete the process by mid-November. We would encourage you discussing this with your England Handball Regional Partnership Manager.  

England Handball’s Pro Active Club accreditation will continue; the Partnerships team is continuing to support the club network to be visible and connected within their community, appropriately managed and governed, welcoming and financially sustainable with high standards of welfare, coaching and equity to enable them to maintain and grow their core market of regular handball players and be successful. The number of Pro Active Clubs is growing which demonstrates the good health of handball clubs in England.  

If your club is keen to start the accreditation process, please get in touch with your Regional Partnership Manager:

North: Andy Clark: andy.clark@englandhandball.com 

Midlands: Ricardo Vasconcelos: ricardo.vasconcelos@englandhandball.com 

South East: Luke Hornsley: luke.hornsley@englandhandball.com 

South West: Matt Durber: matt.durber@englandhandball.com

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