12th March 2020

Trafford Handball Club's Veszprem Learning Trip

Trafford Handball Club Head Coach Stan Belinski received an invitation to visit Hungarian giants Veszprem Handball Club after reaching out to them.  

Stan contacted Veszprem as he wanted to understand, and learn how, a club of that size operates on daily basis.  

During his visit he was shown around the offices and spent a day in each department learning how they work, and how what they do could be implemented at Trafford.  

Stan also spent a couple of days with the first team around training sessions ahead of their Champions League game and Hungarian League game. During this time he got the opportunity to spend a day with David Davis who was was kind enough to offer some mentoring, sharing his training notes, how he plans his sessions, and how he manages the players.  

In addition, he met with Veszprem Academy coaches where he was introduced to their Academy structures, and training routines and processes.   Trafford and Veszprem have agreed in principle on players exchange and joint camps during the next season - where Trafford players could travel to Hungary and learn from more experienced players and coaches.  

Stan said: “It really amazes me that even club like Veszprem start their players very young through the partnership with local schools. We are very lucky to have handball on GCSE PE spec in UK. It is very useful information from which we all ( UK clubs ) could pick up ideas from.  

He added: “I would like to encourage club managers and coaches from England to reach out to the clubs around Europe, and pay them a visit to talk handball.  

“The handball community is really small and people tend to help one another – at least I have never been denied by any European Club.  

“We can learn from one another and make sure that we all do what we can to promote handball further in UK.”

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