10th June 2019

Two English graduates of the European Handball Manager course

The English handball community will benefit from the expertise of two of the most recent graduates of the European Handball Manager course.  

Stan Belinski, manager and coach of Trafford Handball Club, and Diaraye Diallo, former Chair of Olympia Handball club and now a non-executive director of England Handball were part of the 16-strong cohort to have completed the year-long course.  

Three different continents were represented, with handball managers from the USA and Australia joining Europeans on the course. The European Handball Manager Certificate Programme is a one-year in-service training programme that covers the basics of economics, management, governance, law, marketing and communication.  

Diallo said the course participants shared so much common ground. “It has been a great opportunity participating in the program. It is always interesting that despite the difference in scale of operations from all the participants, we share common struggles, passions, and opportunities for the development of the sport we love!  

“There is more to be accomplished in England, but there has been significant progress over the years, and the handball community keeps growing and improving. All large federations started small. I remain optimistic about the prospect of handball in England.”  

Congratulations to Stan and Diaraye on their achievements.

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