19th June 2018

UK Sport consultation on elite funding - Your voice matters

UK Sport recently launched a consultation seeking views on its current and future funding model. 

GB Handball currently receives zero funding from this source and has little prospect of doing so in the future because handball cannot guarantee a medal at the next Olympics. This makes the current consultation a once in a generation opportunity for handball to get its voice heard.   

British Handball has issued an open letter to everyone involved in handball across the UK, giving the views of the organisation, and encouraging as many people in handball to offer their views. The letter provides further information on an alternative funding structure they are proposing and includes a link to the consultation feedback portal. The consultation can also be accessed at this link 

England Handball is fully supportive of this approach and encourages its members to make their views known. This has a potentially huge impact on our performance pathway by providing the opportunity for our most talented players to progress into a broader range of GB squads.

Please can your club and members provide UK Sport with your views and forward the open letter onto anyone else who might support the case for handball so they can add their voice. This consultation, which runs until 19 August 2018, is open to individuals not just clubs. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete and if you’re short on time then you can just answer the questions that matter most.

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