17th October 2016

Under-18 Cup first-round draws made

The draw has been made for the first round of the Under-18 girls’ and boys’ Cup competition.  

The draw for the girls’ competition is:   

  • Poole Phoenix V NEM Hawks
  • Warrington Wolves v London Lions
  • Olympia Cannock bye 
  • Olympia v Coventry Sharks 

The draw for the boys’ competition is:

  • Deva HC v London Lions 
  • Carshalton Titans v Peninsula HC 
  • Brighton v Warrington Wolves
  • NEM Hawks v Whitmore HC 
  • Poole Phoenix v Oly Cats
  • Nottingham v Olympia Cannock 
  • Olympia HC V Ealing   

All first-round matches must be played by 31 December 2016.

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