25th January 2021

University Competition 2021 Update

The consequences of Covid-19 and its impact on sport has been dramatic, the 2020/21 season has been plighted with continuous postponements and cancellations. The effect has been felt acutely within the indoor sports sector, as facilities have been forced to close and venues repurposed, resulting in a vast reduction in the already limited supply of facilities.

For all those involved in sport, it has been an exceptionally frustrating time.  With the country in its third National Lockdown, England Handball in order to try and preserve some form of University Competition for the 2020.21 season will be moving the National University Handball competition from its original date (scheduled for the 1st weekend in March 2021) to a weekend in May/June. The official date is yet to be confirmed as we await final confirmation from venues.  

To mitigate against the potential future impact of covid-19 and allow some form of competitive University Handball to be played this season, a number of amendments will be made to the format for this season only, these amendments are the only foreseeable way to allow the competition to take place:  

1)    The competition will be moved outdoors and played on rubber crumb/3G

2)    The competition will be reduced to a single day

3)    Total team entries may be reduced based upon final location and courts available.

Venue details and competition format will be confirmed in early February.

Teams wishing to enter still can provide their expression of interest on this form.

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