22nd October 2020

Vulcans Form University Clubs Partnership

Chichester Vulcans Handball Club, The University of Chichester's Handball Club and The University of Portsmouth Handball Club formed a partnership in August of this year to boost player development and competitive opportunities in their local area.

The idea behind the partnership is to give greater opportunity to the university and community club players to work together, and be able to play more handball against and alongside each other. Vulcans aim is to make this a long-term partnership that will continue year-after-year and create a strong education-to-community-club sports partnership. 

In addition, Vulcans have created a group on Facebook between committee members from their club, and those from Chichester University, Portsmouth University, and Kent University - called the South Coast Handball Partnership.

This is the first step for Vulcans Chairman, James Chadburn, to build and develop handball on a greater scale, working together with other clubs along the south coast to boost handball in the community.

The partnership’s approach is to provide free community taster sessions alongside tournament competitions between the handball clubs. The community will be invited down for a free introduction and taster handball session run by members from each club. This will give local communities a taste, and hands-on experience, of handball. After the taster session, the community can stay and watch each team in the tournament. Each University/Club will host the taster sessions and tournaments so the communities can have a go at, and watch, handball at a number of venues along the south coast.

Vulcans are looking to trial this with the universities at first as they have built strong relationships with them following a successful tournament they ran last year, along with their newly-formed partnership. They hope to bring in, and work with, other community handball teams through this partnership in the future to further boost and develop handball in even more communities. 

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