diploma in sporting excellence

2018/19 diploma in sporting excellence Award training dates

The training dates for the Diploma in Sporting Excellence camps are:

  • 1  September 2018: Stoke Mandeville.
  • 25 November 2018: Stoke Mandeville
  • 6 January 2019: Stoke Mandeville
  • 24 March 2019: Stoke Mandeville
  • Two more dates TBC

What is the diploma in Sporting excellence?

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence is an exciting initiative that offers handball athletes aged 16-18 who have the potential to play at the top level to:

  • Train in an elite environment, while
  • Continuing in full-time education

The Diploma is delivered via six annual national training events which are supported by a variety of professionals in handball & sport science. Additional support will be delivered in conjunction with Great Britain Youth National training camps.

What does it cover?

The education programme examines:

  • technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of handball

and areas such as:

  • lifestyle management
  • communication
  • wider career management
  • health and safety

What are the benefits?

Candidates :

  • develop handball skills to a high standard and understand how to apply technical and tactical skills
  • better understand how to manage their career, lifestyle and mental attitude
  • be able to apply what they learn to a wide range of careers, especially sports science and coaching

and have the potential opportunity of: 

  • full-time, discounted placements at the Handball Academy in Denmark (Former GB Training Academy).
  • England and GB Representation*

It also allows England Handball to measure how each athlete applies themselves to these areas.

Who is the Diploma in Sporting Excellence for?

To apply for the Diploma in Sporting Execellence Award candidates must:

  • be a member of an England Handball affiliated club
  • have potential to represent youth and senior national teams

It is also desirable if candidates:

  • are a member of the England Handball's Regional Academy programme

For more information please contact bobby.white@englandhandball.com