Starting a club

If you are looking to start a new Handball club, then we hope the information below will be useful.
These are just the initial steps in getting your new club up and running. Club Matters is also an
an excellent resource which can be used to help new or established clubs develop.

I want to start a Handball club. What resources are there?

England Handball has starter packs that can be bought from the England Handball shop.

I want to link up with local schools/colleges/universities to set up satellite clubs. What do I need to do?

You can contact your:

What funding is available for Handball?

Your local Active Partnership can provide information on available funding.

Organisational structure

When starting a Handball club, it is important to ensure that you have the right organisational
structure, coaching qualifications and club welfare standards in place and that your club is insured.

If your club can meet the following Fit for Purpose criteria, you can affiliate to England handball as
an Emerging Club which entitles your club to Public Liability Insurance.

Anyone coaching independently or leading a session must have:

1. Minimum level 1 Coaching Handball qualification (or International equivalent qualification)
2. It is best practice for coaches to be First Aid trained

Any coach leading sessions with youth players (u18) must also have

1. UK Coaching: Safeguarding and Protecting Children qualification
2. DBS Check (for relevant age group e.g. Children/Minors)

All clubs must have a named and trained Club welfare officer, this training includes:
CPSU: Time to listen course  

All clubs must have a named and trained First Aider.

Clubs must be constituted and have an active board or committee including a minimum of
three committee members that are unrelated or non-cohabiting. E.g. Chair, Secretary and

Every club must have its own club bank account. It is not permitted for a club to run its
finances through the personal bank account of any of its members.

Clubs must have a separate neutral club secretary email address used for communication
with the EHA- Personal email addresses will not be accepted

To affiliate to England Handball, please complete this form


Required information: 

  • Name of Club: 
  • Name of Secretary: 
  • Secretary Email:
  • Club Location: 

You will then be sent login details to access England Handball Azolve membership system:
This is where clubs can affiliate as an emerging club, register for leagues, tournaments, and register

As an affiliated emerging club you are eligible to apply for an England Handball Community
Activation Funding to support the development of your club

If you need any support in meeting the Fit for Purpose criteria please contact your local Regional
Partnership Manager

North West & Yorkshire: 
Andy Clark: Andy.clark@englandhandball.com

Ricardo Vasconcelos: Ricardo.vasconcelos@englandhandball

South East:
Luke Hornsley: Luke.Hornsley@englandhandball.com

South West:
Jenny Hannis: jenny.hannis@englandhandball.com
Matt Durber: Matt.Durber@englandhandball.com

Club Competitions 

England Handball operate leagues for the following categories 

  • Senior Men and Women (Regional, National and Premier Leagues) 
  • University Competition 
  • Youth Leagues at u19, u16 and u14 
  • Recreational tournaments (Recit Weekends)