Women & Girls

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Do you want to try Handball? You can.  If you want to get active and are new or returning to sport then Try Handball is perfect for you. There are also marketing materials to promote women-only Try Handball sessions.

If you're looking to join a club check our clubfinder for your nearest club and then filter for clubs who have women and/or girls sections.

Watch how Liu Batchelor, or read how Natalie and Sarah, gave handball a go and loved it.

Natalie versus new sport

  • Name: Natalie
  • Age 31
  • Occupation: Primary School Teacher

This Girl Can: Play Handball! I’d heard a lot about Handball and a friend and I thought we’d give it a try. It was the first time I’d played sport since netball at school and I loved it. I scored eight goals in my first session and felt full of energy afterwards. What was really great was that we were all new to Handball so I felt comfortable straight away. We made some new friends as well and now have a coffee and a chat after each session.

Sarah versus nerves

  • Name: Sarah
  • Age: 17
  • Occupation: Student

This Girl Can: Play Handball! I’d not really done a lot of physical activity recently and was nervous about doing it again. I decided that I’d give Handball a try. I just turned up in my trackies, trainers and a t-shirt and when I got there I realised no-one had played the sport much and we had a great laugh. I couldn’t believe how much I’d run about after that first session. I kept going back and we’re all getting much better and feel great.