League Position 5th

Olympia Women's Premier Handball League

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Olympia -

Garance FouriƩ

Age: 25 | 

Olympia -

Maud Laisney

Age: 26 | 

Olympia -

Celia Deschamps

Age: 26 | 

Olympia -

Monia Dalu

Age: 40 | 

Olympia -

Julia Sobkowiak

Age: 31 | 

Olympia -

Victoria Tinney

Age: 26 | 

Olympia -

Eva Helen Andersson

Age: 28 | 

Olympia -

Mariama Diaraye Diallo

Age: 37 | 

Olympia -

Patricia Einfeldt

Age: 27 | 

Olympia - Playmaker

Denisa Paduraru

Height: 1.65m |  Weight: 55KG

Denisa has been at Olympia since 2014. She previously played for HC Otelul Galati, HCM Hidroconcas Buzau, and CSM Unirea Slobozia in her native Romania.

Olympia - Left winger

Helen Andresson

Height: 1.61m |  Weight: 62KG

Helen spent six years at Stenungsund HK in Sweden. Following a four year break from competitive handball she joined Olympia in 2012.

Olympia - Left winger

Klaudia Ekler

Olympia - Goalkeeper

Sabrina Farnham

Height: 1.72m |  Weight: 60KG

Sabrina first played in England for Nottingham University. She has been at Olympia since 2013. In Sweden she played for Malmö HK, Oxie IF, and H65 Höör.

Olympia - Left back

Lucille Dauwe

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 59KG

Lucille joined Olympia in 2015 from Courbevoie. She'd previously spent 12 years at Rennes Metropole.

Olympia - Left winger

Diana Ciubotaru

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.69m |  Weight: 65KG

Diana joined Olympia in 2013 from H.C.F Piatra Neamt 

Olympia - Right winger

Alexandra Ghinter

Age: 28 |  Height: 1.58m |  Weight: 56KG

Alexandra played junior handball for Atletics in her native Romania. She joined Olympia in 2008.

Olympia - Playmaker

Doris Iuliana Draghici

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.69m |  Weight: 65KG

Doris joined Olympia in 2013. She previously played in mixed teams, and for Dinamo Brasov and Rulmentu Brasov in Romania.

Olympia - Right winger

Annaleigh Knott

Age: 23 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 59KG

Annaleigh joined Olympia from Deva in 2012.

Olympia - Right back

Aleksandra Zaprawa

Age: 118 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 65KG

Alexsandra joined Olympia in 2015 after playing for Lublin in Poland from 2002-2012

Olympia - Playmaker

Pauline Uhmann

Age: 27 |  Height: 1.68m |  Weight: 82KG

Pauline started playing handball at the age of four. She joined Olympia in 2015.

Olympia - Line Player

Diana Surubaru

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.7m |  Weight: 80KG

Diana played junior handball at Stiinta Bacau in Romania. She joined Olympia in 2013.