League Position 1st

Warrington Wolves Men's Premier Handball League

Next Fixture
8SepSaturday, 13:30 vs Brighton Seahawks
Soccerdome, Trafford Way, Manchester M17 8DD
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Warrington Wolves - Team Manager

Kristian Marsh

Age: 14 | 

Warrington Wolves - Defender

Samir Tahraoui

Age: 1927 |  Height: 2.03m |  Weight: 115KG

Warrington Wolves - Right back

Sebi Hesk

Age: 17 |  Height: 1.90m |  Weight: 80KG

Warrington Wolves - Defender

Liam Brown

Age: 17 |  Height: 1.89m |  Weight: 79KG

Warrington Wolves - Left winger

Maciej Walczak

Age: 31 |  Height: 1.78m |  Weight: 80KG

Warrington Wolves - Right winger

Ryan Thomas

Age: 22 |  Height: 1.87m |  Weight: 78KG

Warrington Wolves -

Ashley Christopher Jones

Age: 21 | 

Warrington Wolves - Left back

Edward Irving

Age: 16 |  Height: 1.91m |  Weight: 80KG

Warrington Wolves - Left back

Nathaniel Green

Age: 18 |  Height: 1.98m |  Weight: 82KG

Warrington Wolves - Goalkeeper

Zsolt Deak

Age: 38 |  Height: 1.87m |  Weight: 80KG

Warrington Wolves - Pivot

Michael Corf

Age: 18 |  Height: 1.82m |  Weight: 85KG

Warrington Wolves - Pivot

Yebila Collins

Age: 17 |  Height: 2.0mm |  Weight: 100KG

Warrington Wolves - Goalkeeper

Jack Booth

Age: 16 |  Height: 1.92m |  Weight: 80KG

Warrington Wolves - Left winger

Adam Ahmed

Age: 17 |  Height: 1.75m |  Weight: 75KG

Warrington Wolves - Playmaker

Toby Venables

Age: 21 |  Height: 1.88m |  Weight: 83KG

Warrington Wolves - Pivot

Rok Saje

Age: 28 |  Height: 1.88m |  Weight: 85KG

Warrington Wolves - Right winger

Nate Green

Age: 19 |  Height: 198m |  Weight: 85KG

Nate signed for Warrington from Deva in 2015. A real  promising talent he was under-18 England Handball player-of-the year and top scorer in 2015-16. He is a GB and England international.

Warrington Wolves - Coach

Bill Baillie

Age: 56 | 

Bill is Head Coach at Warrington Wolves. He has led them to League and Cup success. He was GB Men's Head Coach from 2012-2013.

Warrington Wolves - Right back

Liam Welsby

Age: 23 |  Height: 1.88m |  Weight: 80KG

Another product of the youth system Liam has been in the in the first team since 2013 and is a developing talent at playmaker. He is a GB and England international

Warrington Wolves - Playmaker

Toby Venables

Age: 22 |  Height: 1.88m |  Weight: 83KG

Toby joined Wolves in 2015 after a year at the academy in Denmark. He has great potential and is looking forward to having a full season with the first team. He is a GB and England international.

Warrington Wolves - Playmaker

Niklas Tan

Age: 21 |  Height: 1.75m |  Weight: 75KG

Nik made his debut for the first team in 2015 after a great couple of seasons in our youth system, winning the England Handball Under-18 player of the year in 2015. He has great speed and tactical awareness for a young player. He is an England international.

Warrington Wolves - Left back

Rafik Tahraoui

Age: 29 |  Height: 1.95m |  Weight: 90KG

Another original from the Salford days, Rafik was delighted to see us merge with his home-town team. He is an established goalscorer and effective defender. Rafik has returned to action after suffering a serious eye injury back in Nov 2015. He is GB and England International.

Warrington Wolves - Pivot

Chris McDermott

Age: 29 |  Height: 2.05m |  Weight: 105KG

Chris was a 2012 GB Olympian, and a is regular in the GB set-up. He is an established member of Wolves and is vastly experienced after playing abroad.

Warrington Wolves - Left winger

Jacob Maxted

Age: 22 |  Height: 190m |  Weight: 85KG

Jacob is currently in the England Under-20 squad. He is another local lad that has come through the system at Wolves. He is a dedicated and hard-working player with a bright future.